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Christ-Centered World Changers

May 28th - August 9th

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The Christ-Centered World Changer is

The Christ-Centered World Changer

Fully Surrendered to Jesus

Our number one priority and the purpose for why we exist is to lead students to a relationship with Christ. The portrait of our ideal graduate is that of a young adult abiding as a committed follower of Jesus.

Academically Equipped

To be world changers, our students must have the academic foundation for the next phase of their life. Academic education is about training, disciplining, and expanding the mind to grow and mature as a human.

Physically Healthy

Health is a form a wealth you cannot place a value on. As we send out world changers, we aim to train their habits and disciplines so they can live the healthiest lives possible. We believe this honors God with our bodies and allows us to serve him most effectively.

Missionally Minded

Changing the world cannot stop here. For our mission to be successful, we must instill in our graduates the urgency of the mission. We make world changers who make world changers who make world changers...

Socially and Emotionally Mature

Life is hard. The world is broken. Life is less about what we encounter and more about how we respond to it. Our world changers must have the social and emotional intelligence to navigate this complicated world.

Culturally Intelligent

Our world is culturally diverse. To be effective in all contexts, we must teach our students cultural awareness, appreciation, and intelligence. We believe it honors God to honor the cultural diversity he created.

Servant Hearted

Christ came to serve, not be served. As imagers of God me live to imitate the character of God. He came as a servant. He led by putting others first. Our world changers see others first. The accept the identity of a servant who uses their influence to build God’s kingdom.


Cultivating, training, and equipping World Changers is the heart and soul behind everything we do. Not just educating, but cultivating, training, and equipping. This requires a bit of a mindset shift. A mindset shift from the language of educate to the language of “equip”. Mountain City Christian Academy goes a step further in that we not only have a philosophy of education, but we have a philosophy of equipping because we truly believe that our calling is not to academically educate the next generation, our calling is to wholistically equip the next generation. To cultivate, train, and prepare them for the next phase of their life. We, the Academy are an equipping institution. We exist for the sake of the next generation.


Jesus said, Go, therefore, into all nations and MAKE DISCIPLES. We look at the first century disciples and we see world changers. As a parachurch ministry of Mountain City Church, our purpose is to obey Christ and His Great Commission by developing world changers through the catalyst of education. 



First, we work to CAPTURE the heart of every student by knowing and loving them where they are. No matter the background. No matter the story. Every student needs to be known and loved.


Second, once we have captured their heart, we work to INSPIRE them to be a Christ-centered world changer. No matter how badly we want it for them, we cannot choose it for them. So rather than motivate, force, or require; we INSPIRE. We live like Christ-centered world changers. We love like Christ-centered world changers. And we inspire others to pursue the same.


Third, once a student has decided they want to become a Christ-centered world changer, we EQUIP them to do so. We train them throughout their time here to embody the 7 characteristics of a Christ-centered world changer.

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