School culture

What is a House System?

The House System is a school community system that divides the student body into smaller groups, or “houses,” each with its own identity, color, and name. Each house consists of students from different grades, and students remain in the same house throughout their time at MCCA.

The House System serves various purposes, including fostering a sense of community, encouraging teamwork, healthy competition, and providing additional support and mentorship for students. Students earn points for their houses based on academic achievements, sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities. These houses are the student’s family within the school. They compete together, work together, and serve together. Inter-house competitions and events, such as sports tournaments or quizzes, are organized to promote camaraderie and school spirit.

Why a House System at MCCA?

Fostering students to embody diverse Christ-like qualities, our system nurtures a culture of discipleship. Embracing the norm of actively investing in others, students experience a sense of feeling seen, heard, and valued by both peers and staff. Through purposeful connections and guidance, students are equipped to shape their character. Opportunities abound for practical involvement, allowing students to contribute to the refinement of school culture, student life, and fostering the development of leadership skills. Moreover, we aim to empower our students to extend their impact beyond the school doors, urging them to actively engage with and make a positive difference in their community. Together, we aspire to cultivate school spirit, inviting families to actively participate in shaping and perpetuating Mountain City Christian Academy’s traditions and culture.

MCCA Houses

The Mountain City Academy House System features six houses — our learning and leadership communities for students. Each House has unique properties such as its own color, Hebrew name, biblical patriarch, region of origin, and more. Over time, each House also starts to take on its own values and personality driven by the culture of the students and staff within it. Hover over one of the Houses below to learn some quick facts!









Ahavat Emet

Loyal Love



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